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Sunday Steals: History Songs

There are so many wonderful History Songs out there are this is just a small sample that I’ve drawn from YouTube but I hope you enjoy it. All of these songs are completely enjoyable not just as aids in learning history but just as great music to listen to. I’m always looking for more history themed music so please send me names and links to any songs you enjoy.

It’d be a bit much to say that Horrible Histories has the market cornered on History Songs but they’ve definitely got a pretty big share of the market. Their show is broken up into sketches, both musical and non-musical, and there are some great videos floating around YouTube from them. Here are some of my favorite.

“The Tudors Song” is super fun and bouncy. It might be a bit harsh on Elizabeth but I really enjoy how this characterization of her.

“The Wives of Henry VIII” Yes, yes, yes more Tudors! Their Henry VIII is such a big teddy-bear and I just wanna give him a platonic cuddle.

“The English Kings and Queens Song” From the Conqueror to Elizabeth II this is a great way to refresh your memory of which monarch fallowed which.

“Dick Turpin Highwayman Song” Yeah, I’ve got a crush on this Dick Turpin, go ahead and judge me, I don’t care.

I first discovered History for Music Lovers when my friend linked me to their great French Revolution video. This channel is run by an actual history teacher so there’s a strong emphasis on accuracy. Probably a useful classroom tool but I don’t know, I’m not a teacher.

“The French Revolution (‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga)” Such fun!


“William the Conqueror (‘Sexyback’ by Justin Timberlake)” Whenever I try to sing “Bad Romance” I end up singing the French Revolution version and now when I sing “Sexyback” (Hey, it happens.) I end up singing this version. It’s just as well as these are all far superior to the originals.

“Henry VIII (‘Money, Money, Money” by ABBA)” Tudors and ABBA? It can’t get much better than that.

Soomo Publishing only has two music videos and they’re both pretty cool.

“Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage” This is probably my favorite History Song out there. I’m a little put off by their all-white cast (particularly in the section showing modern women voters) but over-all this song is really amazing and the choreography is fantastic.

Alright so Boney M wasn’t a history themed music group but they did make this amazing gem:

“Rasputin” About as accurate as, well, as most popular accounts of Rasputin’s life but one of the best songs out there. Whenever I’m bopping around my room to this song I’m happy.