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Baby I’m Still Here

The other day I decided to re-dedicate myself to this blog.  Regular posts! Themed days! Regular posts! Basically just posting more than once a month! This resolution took place in like June so obviously I never really followed up on it but in my defense I’ve been really busy. If you take my personal calendar to my post history you’ll see that the last regular posts happened right before I moved from Amherst back to Northern Vermont. This move was followed by the summer camp season which was followed by getting ready to go back to Amherst for school which was followed by actually going back to Amherst for school and school followed that.

It’s about halfway through the semester now and I think I’m ready to get back to being an internet person. I’ve had a few attempts to get back into the swing of things but these attempts haven’t resulted in anything particularly meaningful. One of the issues that I’ve been facing is that  I keep giving myself these arbitrary deadlines like that This Wednesday I Will Post Every Week or whatever and the fact is that I suck at dealing with arbitrary deadlines. So I’m trying a new path.

This time I’m giving myself a list of things I’d like to do with my blog/Facebook page and instead of having sharp deadlines I’m going to view this as more of a wishlist. Hopefully most of this will get going throughout November but if that doesn’t fully work out then I’m going to be okay with that because it turns out that I don’t need to hold myself to impossible standards. Who knew.

Here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Post once a week on this blog.
  • Maintain Cartography Mondays and Safe Sex Wednesdays (Hump Day, get it?) over on my Facebook page. (I tried starting this a month or so ago and it’s kinda fizzled out but I really like this idea.)
  • Move my kinda secret queer library blog from beta to public mode.
  • Get in touch with other bloggers about the collaboration ideas I’ve been working on.
  • Make my blog’s appearance more pretty.

So with any luck you’ll see some of these things become reality over the next few weeks. If you don’t… well, whatever, I’m still angry over on Twitter.

I’m Doing a Give Away!

Over on my main website ( I’m doing a give away where you could win a great print! Here are the abridged details with more information in this post:

I’m giving away two of my “Sod Off” prints and all you have to do is comment on this post to be entered to win! How exciting is that? Super exciting.

Here are the big fancy details:

From the list below you pick your favorite blog name and leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite is. Each comment will be given a number (1 for the first person and 2 for the second and so on and so on…) and on the morning of April 26th I’ll select two numbers to pick the winners. It’s that simple.

Each print is done on 9″x12″ sketch book paper in black ink. They’re each a tiny bit off-center but remember that you’re getting this for free and so that’s really, really cool.

Don't you want us?

Here are the names you can pick from:

  1. Monks’ Press (What it is now)
  2. Monks’ House
  3. Hunger in the Library
  4. Hypatia Blogs
  5. ??? (This is where you put the number five and then suggest a title. If your title is picked then we’ll e-mail a bit of how you want to be credited. Don’t worry, I’m not a thief [The charges have never been able to stick.])

This closes on April 25th!

Minor Housekeeping

Just some minor housekeeping stuff, nothing too exciting.

  • Twice in one day I had comments from friends about the grammar on my blog. One friend had this to say about my grammar and my blog, “I think your blog is good enough that it will garner attention and eventually present writing opportunities for you, and I want your commas in the right places when it happens.”* She later called me a “sexy old British lady” and so I think that her opinions and advice are sound. For a variety of reasons that I don’t need to go into right now I never had a very thorough education in the arts and subtleties of grammar. My grammar is cobbled together and since I left my copy of Strunk & White and other favorite grammar books at home by accident I have been neglectful in my attempts to appear to be literate in standard English. So with that said I’d like to inform you, once and for all, that I completely and with joy accept any comments relating to my grammar. I will never improve if I don’t have the kind help of people like you. Also, I reserve the right to go back and edit the grammar of any post as long as it does not impact the message or content of that post.
  • From here on out I’m using “The 2013 Great Baking Escapade!” in the place of “Samuel’s 2013 Great Baking Escapade!”. I always meant to use the former and have no idea why I didn’t. At some point, maybe today, I’m going to fix the previous posts.
  • I have 7/31 days for Missive March Madness filled and would love to end March with 31 letters sent out to people. Even if you don’t feel like participating maybe you know someone who does?

Alright, I need to go and actually work on my damn college application essays but before I go I’d like to remind you of this fact: Doctor Katherine Pulaski is a Boss. Carry on.

*This friend has the amazing food blog Am I Julia Child Yet? over on Tumblr, totally check it out. We also blog together at our Anthropology blog.

Missive March Madness!

For someone who doesn’t really care for alliteration I sure do use a lot of it. But that’s not the point.

I may despise alliteration but I love writing letters and this March I want to write a letter to you. Every day of March I’m going to write a letter and mail it, super cool, right? The thing is that I don’t really socialize so I don’t have enough people who I can write to. This is where you come in.

Send me an e-mail ( with your mailing address and I’ll send you a letter in return. I’ll be organizing my letters based off of the order that I get people’s addresses so if you’re the first one to e-mail me your letter will be written on the first of the month and so on and so on.

I’d like to make some sort of final project at the end of March. I don’t know what this project will look like exactly but it may include quotes from the letters that I receive in reply to mine (no obligation to reply but it’d be cool if you did). I’ll definitely not use any quotes that include personal/identifying information and I’ll definitely include a note with each letter outlining what I might be quoting.

I’d really like to make this an actual thing that happens so please e-mail me! Also, feel free to do something like this, the more letter writers we have is directly proportional to how awesome the world is.

I want YOU to help me out.

I want YOU to help me out.

Super Important Announcement!

Not really, I just wanted your attention.

Tomorrow’s my birthday. That’s cool, right? I think it’s cool. Normal Tuesday/Thursday/Sometimes-Sunday posting schedule will resume on the 28th. In the meantime I’ve got a birthday, two job interviews, family visitations, baking, etc.

Help Me Help You. Do It. Now.

So I’ve always wanted to be an Agony Aunt. Like Dear Abby, Dame Edna and Mistress Maeve before me* I have a strong interest in helping people answer their life questions. Am I qualified? Fuck no, I’m just your average busybody who likes to talk with people.

I’d really love to move into Agony Aunt-ing (see my blog’s title, after all) but I can’t really do that without questions to respond to. So please, if you want my advice feel free to e-mail me at All questions will be edited to preserve anonymity and if you don’t provide a pseudonym then I’ll give you a highly embarrassing nickname.

What will I answer questions about? Medical, romantic, fashion,sexual, political, familial, home decorating advice will all be dispensed but I will never give out advice that I shouldn’t be giving out.

*Fine, the Dame and Mistress are still alive but I like the sound of the phrase.

2013 Plans? Maybe. I Dunno. Ugh. Do People Read This Blog? I’m Enjoying Writing This Blog. This Title Is Absurdly Long. Hi Mom. Alright, Write This Goddamn Post.

I created this blog without any real plan. Yes, I knew that I wanted to write about gender/sexualities/sex and similar stuff but I also wanted to write about libraries and baking and I have this absurd desire to give people advice and I need attention or I’ll die (kinda) so I should put stuff out on the internet and

The point is that I created this blog without any real plan.

In the rare event that I have any readers at this point who really have any strong interest in what I post I’d like to propose what I’d like to do with this blog and get people’s feed back on it. I think I want to move to a regular posting schedule and maybe not have theme days but have regular themes I write about. Is there any input on a Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday posting schedule? And what if I posted regular book reviews (my first review is scheduled for the first Tuesday of January)? Maybe reviewed EVERY book I read this year? That might be too much. Is that too much?

On the note of “Agony Aunt-ing”: I’d really like to do an advice column. Would anyone send anything in for me to give advice on?

Also, “Sunday Steals?” I kinda like them but I feel like it might be kinda bleh  to get one each Sunday. Every other Sunday? Once a month? Thoughts?

Seriously though, any thoughts?