Samuel’s (Star Wars) March Madness Picks

Yeah, yeah, I meant to do this earlier but whatever.

So is doing a cool March Madness thing where fans vote for their favorite character (one side good and one side bad) and we get to see who the fan favorite characters. Cool. I’m marking my favorite character in each match-up by putting their name in italics.


Princess Leia beats out Padme Amidala

Jango Fett beats Bossk


Chewbacca beats Wicket

Tarkin beats Count Dooku


Captain Rex beats Ahsoka Tano

Emperor Palpatine beats IG-88


Han Solo beats Obi-Wan Kenobi

Darth Vader beats Darth Maul


Yoda beats Luke Skywalker

Jabba the Hutt beats Cad Bane


R2-D2 beats Princess Leia

Boba Fett beats Jango Fett


Chewbacca beats Captain Rex

Emperor Palpatine beats Count Dooku


Yoda beats Han Solo

Darth Vader beats Jabba the Hutt


R2-D2 beats Chewbacca

Emperor Palpatine beats Boba Fett


Han Solo beats R2-D2

Darth Vader beats Emperor Palpatine


Han Solo beats Darth Vader


Agree? Disagree? Think that I’m wrong to pick Yoda as the favorite over Luke or R2 over Han? Whose your all time favorite? Make sure you vote ( or I will force-choke you.


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