So, How Did YOU Find My Blog?

One of the greatest parts of being a blogger who talks about sex is that we get some particularly unusual search terms leading to our blogs. I mean, I think anyone who has some sort of internet presence gets some bizarre search terms linking to their blog but adding sex into the mix brings along a whole new layer of odd.

I present to you a list of my favorite search terms used to find my blog as cataloged by WordPress’ stat-counter:

  • sex bake– Honey, I have no idea what you were looking for but I really hope you found it because that sounds great. Seriously, call me. Also, this search has linked people to my blog 5 times. Either there’s a big fanbase of people who like to combine sex and baking or there’s one very persistent fan.
  • jk rolling stole roomate– If Ms. Rowling stole your roommate then you really should be calling the police and not going to Google…
  • jk rowling puberty– I can get it if you’re looking for something about how Ms. Rowling treated puberty in her novels but if you’re not… were you looking for pictures of her going through puberty?
  • was emily dickinson?– THIS IS DEEP, Y’ALL.
  • sex+porn+aunt+sanctuary– Sex+porn, alright you’ve got me. Sex+porn+aunt, um, maybe you wanted to look at incestuous themed porn? Sex+porn+aunt+sanctuary, perhaps you’ve a church fetish or really like that sci-fi show? If you wrote this and are now reading this post then please, please contact me. I really want to know what you were looking for.
  • erotisk baking youtube– Erotisk was probably meant to be erotic but that doesn’t clear it up… I kinda want to look up “erotic baking” on Youtube now…
  • sex with aunt literature– Cool.
  • militants sex aunts– I don’t know what this means but it would be the greatest band name ever
  • porn sprint men– Do you want porn that features men sprinting or does this porn relate to the Sprint company? Either way I’m in!
  • emily dickinson hunger about sex?– This isn’t particularly unusual but I’m just glad to know that I’m not the only one who Googles this.

By the way, my title is actually a serious question. I’ve been getting some regular traffic and am starting to get likes from the same people and I’m curious how y’all found this blog.

5 responses to “So, How Did YOU Find My Blog?

  1. I gotta say, a sex bake sounds like a blast to me! One of my partners and I are complete foodies – and we’ve done some pretty kinky stuff with food (made me into a cake, for one), but never had a ‘sex bake’. Hot 🙂

    Oh – and I found you because I am one of the judges for e[lust] and read your last post when going through all the entries the other day. I intend to keep on reading!

    xx Dee

  2. Foodie power play? I need to immediately do this.

  3. Same as Dee… editing the e[lust] list bought me here and I selected your post as one of my top picks of the month!


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