Minor Housekeeping

Just some minor housekeeping stuff, nothing too exciting.

  • Twice in one day I had comments from friends about the grammar on my blog. One friend had this to say about my grammar and my blog, “I think your blog is good enough that it will garner attention and eventually present writing opportunities for you, and I want your commas in the right places when it happens.”* She later called me a “sexy old British lady” and so I think that her opinions and advice are sound. For a variety of reasons that I don’t need to go into right now I never had a very thorough education in the arts and subtleties of grammar. My grammar is cobbled together and since I left my copy of Strunk & White and other favorite grammar books at home by accident I have been neglectful in my attempts to appear to be literate in standard English. So with that said I’d like to inform you, once and for all, that I completely and with joy accept any comments relating to my grammar. I will never improve if I don’t have the kind help of people like you. Also, I reserve the right to go back and edit the grammar of any post as long as it does not impact the message or content of that post.
  • From here on out I’m using “The 2013 Great Baking Escapade!” in the place of “Samuel’s 2013 Great Baking Escapade!”. I always meant to use the former and have no idea why I didn’t. At some point, maybe today, I’m going to fix the previous posts.
  • I have 7/31 days for Missive March Madness filled and would love to end March with 31 letters sent out to people. Even if you don’t feel like participating maybe you know someone who does?

Alright, I need to go and actually work on my damn college application essays but before I go I’d like to remind you of this fact: Doctor Katherine Pulaski is a Boss. Carry on.

*This friend has the amazing food blog Am I Julia Child Yet? over on Tumblr, totally check it out. We also blog together at our Anthropology blog.


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