Sunday Steals: Libraries? Libraries! LIBRARIES!

I’m turning Sunday Steals into a semi-regular weekly post where that Sunday’s post focuses on a theme. Will I stay on this plan? Who the fuck knows. Bets are opening now.

So I’m a big fan of libraries. Unfortunately I don’t live in a library and because of this I need to live vicariously via the internet. These are some of the sites that I use:


  • School Library Journal: You know how there’s always that one weird kid in high school who spends his spare time reading back issues of School Library Journal and when he’s not reading SLJ he’s checking the blog section of their website? Yup, that kid was totally me. Even though I’m no longer involved with a library I still like to check up on their website. Why SLJ instead of LJ? No reason other than the fact that I grew up on the former and never really interacted with the latter.
  • The Library of Congress has a beautiful photo tour of various rooms and murals of the library. Want library porn? Go here.
  • Speaking of the LOC I just registered for an account on their website. I’m still exploring what I can do with my account but there are some beautiful online exhibits and you can make collections of your favorite items in the LOC’s collection.


  • A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy: Liz Burns is, well, I was going to say that she’s a kinda a celebrity in librarian circles but let’s face it: she is a celebrity, particularly when it comes to librarians who are looking at the new wave of technology with an eager eye and an open mind. She’s quite intelligent and her presence on Twitter (@lizb) makes me really happy. Check out her blog/Twitter for book reviews and the latest scuttlebutt in the library world.
  • Bookshelf Porn: It’s totally safe for work but careful: some of these photos are so beautiful that you’ll shriek from joy (and jealousy). Basically a Tumblr blog of awesome bookshelves/collections of books.


  • I already mentioned Liz Burns but there’s also Kelly Jensen (@catagator)
  • Nancy Pearl is on Twitter. I REPEAT: NANCY PEARL IS ON TWITTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. @Nancy_Pearl
  • If you’re reading this post then odds are you’re a bit nerdy and so I’m betting you’ll find Fake AP Stylebook as funny as I do. @FakeAPStylebook
  • NPR Books (@nprbooks) and the Huffington Post’s book section (@HuffPostBooks) both have pretty solid literary related Twitter accounts.


  • Jeph Jacques, creator of the popular online comic Questionable Content, has a t-shirt and tote bag (I have it on good authority from a librarian I highly respect that the tote bag also doubles very effectively as a diaper bag. And who among us can’t use another tote?) emblazoned with a “She Blinded Me With Library Science”-print. QC is also home to the wonderful Tai Hubbert, an undergraduate librarian with quite the love life…  I’m in love with her.

Note Bene: Sunday Steals is my semi-weekly series where I pick a theme and post links to other people’s stuff. Want to suggest a topic? Leave a comment or e-mail me at


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