Help Me Help You. Do It. Now.

So I’ve always wanted to be an Agony Aunt. Like Dear Abby, Dame Edna and Mistress Maeve before me* I have a strong interest in helping people answer their life questions. Am I qualified? Fuck no, I’m just your average busybody who likes to talk with people.

I’d really love to move into Agony Aunt-ing (see my blog’s title, after all) but I can’t really do that without questions to respond to. So please, if you want my advice feel free to e-mail me at All questions will be edited to preserve anonymity and if you don’t provide a pseudonym then I’ll give you a highly embarrassing nickname.

What will I answer questions about? Medical, romantic, fashion,sexual, political, familial, home decorating advice will all be dispensed but I will never give out advice that I shouldn’t be giving out.

*Fine, the Dame and Mistress are still alive but I like the sound of the phrase.


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