2013 Resolutions; Or, It’s 1:11 in the Morning and I Can’t Think of a Better Title

At some point in my life I must have made New Year’s Resolutions. Setting impossibly high goals for myself in the belief that the power of a new calendar year would make it all possible? Totally has my name written all over it. With my history of dreaming impossible dreams kept firmly in mind I’m going to make two different lists and come back over the year to cross accomplishments off as I make them happen.

Simple Resolutions:

  • Finish watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (I’m on the first few episodes of season 3 as of today)
  • Get my NSFW porn-queer-sex-gender-identity-whatever the fuck interests me-sexuality Tumblr into some semblance of balance
  • By the end of February have secured a money source that covers rent/food/art supplies/a few basic creature comforts [N.B.- January passed and I’m still unemployed. I was able to cover Febuary rent and so now I’m focused on getting gainfully employed by the end of this month.]
  • Learn how to cross-stitch
  • Get on a regular [Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday?] posting schedule
  • Not abandon my 2013 Great Baking Escapade

Bigger Resolutions:

  • Finish my next draft of my novella- DONE
  • Send my novella out to publishers
  • Finish the first draft of my graphic novella on the history of Earl Grey tea
  • Go on a proper date- DONE

Here’s a blurry picture of my cat. Happy New Year.

Photo credit is all mine.

Photo credit is all mine.


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