Sunday Steals: 30.12.12

Quick question: Instead of doing a link-dump post every Sunday or every other Sunday or at the end of each month? If you have an opinion you should let me know. If you don’t have an opinion you should… still let me know? I dunno.

Coming Out At Christmas“, London Gay Men’s Choir: When’s the best time to post a Christmas song? Five days after Christmas.

Dear Defender of the new Atlanta Braves Cap“, (Native Appropriations): Yes. Yes. YES. A well written, gloves off open letter to people who are trying to figure out why some of us are getting upset over the Atlanta Braves’ new baseball cap that exists for practicing batting or something. (I don’t get sports. Why do we need caps just for batting? I don’t get it it.) Even if you’re a person who doesn’t really think that cultural appropriation exist or a person who uses Merriam-Webster’s definition of racism as an argument I’d recommend reading through Native Appropriations. Maybe I’m just another silly old liberal who falls in with every new P.C. fad but I think she’s quite intelligent.

Do We Still Need Libraries?“, (The New York Times): Yes, We Still Need Libraries (If we no longer need libraries than what am I going to do with my hypothetical masters in library sciences that I’m hypothetically getting at some point before I die?) Four concise arguments that I think are fairly solid. The final piece is written by Matthew Battles who not only sports a fabulous bit of facial hair but also is the author of one of my favorite books, Library: An Unquiet History.

TV’s Disappointing Gay Dads“, (The Atlantic): After watching the first few episodes of The New Normal I felt… uncomfortable… My brain was stuck for hours and days trying to put my figure on what exactly it was in the show that struck me like this. Reading this piece sometime in November helped me put my begin to decipher what I was uncomfortable with. I’m still struggling to understand my reaction to The New Normal (It’s possible that I simply don’t like it.) but I’m not struggling with how I react to this article: Yes.

Note Bene- My linking to a post or website or whatever does not necessarily mean that I endorse or agree with its entire content but rather it means that I think it’s interesting.


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