2013 Plans? Maybe. I Dunno. Ugh. Do People Read This Blog? I’m Enjoying Writing This Blog. This Title Is Absurdly Long. Hi Mom. Alright, Write This Goddamn Post.

I created this blog without any real plan. Yes, I knew that I wanted to write about gender/sexualities/sex and similar stuff but I also wanted to write about libraries and baking and I have this absurd desire to give people advice and I need attention or I’ll die (kinda) so I should put stuff out on the internet and

The point is that I created this blog without any real plan.

In the rare event that I have any readers at this point who really have any strong interest in what I post I’d like to propose what I’d like to do with this blog and get people’s feed back on it. I think I want to move to a regular posting schedule and maybe not have theme days but have regular themes I write about. Is there any input on a Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday posting schedule? And what if I posted regular book reviews (my first review is scheduled for the first Tuesday of January)? Maybe reviewed EVERY book I read this year? That might be too much. Is that too much?

On the note of “Agony Aunt-ing”: I’d really like to do an advice column. Would anyone send anything in for me to give advice on?

Also, “Sunday Steals?” I kinda like them but I feel like it might be kinda bleh  to get one each Sunday. Every other Sunday? Once a month? Thoughts?

Seriously though, any thoughts?


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