Sunday Steals: 23.12.12

Hey, you, good job on not dying during the apocalypse. I’m proud of you.

One or two (four?) blogs ago (After a while they all start to blend together.) I did a weekly post every Sunday where I posted links to some of my favorite internet things I’d discovered during that week. So here’s to reusing old ideas and not creating original content!

Dead Russian Parliament Member Votes 31 Times” (Time Newsfeed): “Vyacheslav Osipov, a lawmaker with the United Russia party, cast 31 votes on several initiatives Wednesday afternoon in Russia’s lower house of Parliament despite being conspicuously absent. And perhaps a little bit deceased as well. Osipov was reportedly 75.”

Industry Spotlight: Shine Louise Houston” (She Bop Blog): A very nice profile of Shine Louise Houston. Ms. Houston is the founder of Pink & White Productions, the (Can I call it revolutionary? I want to call it revolutionary. I think it’s revolutionary. It’s definitely powerful for me to see queer identities in my porn.) revolutionary porn studio that might be best known for its Crashpad series.

Dear NRA, The Answer Is Almost Never More Guns” (The Belle Jar): I really wanted to write a post after the horror that occurred last Friday at Newtown but I soon realized that I simply am not eloquent enough to attempt to write about it.    The Belle Jar has written a solid response to the NRA’s recent press release that takes it to task for some of its claims.

Note Bene- My linking to a post or website or whatever does not necessarily mean that I endorse or agree with its entire content but rather it means that I think it’s interesting.


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